Welcome to Aerial-Type.com! My name is Steve and I created this website to help people¬†save money on television by switching from cable to free broadcast television. Now, obviously this isn’t the type of thing that is going to appeal to everyone, but for those who are sick of paying $50-$100 every month just to be able to watch television this website may be a real eye-opener.

Years ago, when I was just a kid, I knew only one person who had cable television. As far as my family and pretty much all of our friends, we relied on free broadcast television for entertainment. I remember my parents had a giant antennea on the top of our house, and from time to time my father would have to climb up on the roof to adjust it in order to get better reception. My sister and I had a television in the upstairs common area, and we had rabbit ears attached to it in order to get reception.

Nowadays I don’t know many people (other than myself) that DON’T have cable or Satellite TV. However, several of my friends were very interested to learn that I was able to pick up 30+ channels (and almost all of them in HD quality) and didn’t have to pay a dime for it.

Once I realized that this information could be extremely helpful to others, I decided to build Aerial-Type.com in order to give those folks a chance to do what I’ve done – disable the cable!

One of the major questions most people ask when given this information is if it’s possible to pick up premium channels or movie channels with these methods. The answer to that is no, but with all of the low-cost services out there these days (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Chromecast, etc.) there is really no good reason to continue paying $50+ a month for cable when you can pay less than $10 for something like Netflix, and have more movies than you could possibly ever watch… and completely on demand.